Davidic Praise and Worship.

We believe that the pattern for New Testament worship is to be found in the Davidic order of worship described in the Psalms and birthed in the Tabernacle of David in the Old Testament.
Within this we as believers are to be spiritual priests who offer up spiritual sacrifices to God.
One of the primary sacrifices is the “fruit of our lips” or our audible worship given to God (Hebrews 13:15).

Davidic worship is demonstrative worship that is characterized by the biblical expressions of clapping, shouting, singing, dancing, lifting hands, bowing and kneeling.

There are many “types and shadows” throughout the Word showing that God desires to be in the midst of His People.
An example is found in the Tabernacles, as God desires to tabernacle with His Church again.

There were three Mountains most important to Israel and referred to as Holy Mountains.
The reason being is that each Mountain contained a house, a tabernacle. (local Church)
Mt Zion, Mt Moriah and Mt Sinai all had a tabernacle with God being the central part and His presence was foundĀ in the midst of each.

Our desire is that Christ might be the central part of our praise and worship with His presence filling the temple.
The Word declares that where the presence of the Lord is, there is liberty.
Through presence driven worship our expectation is to see the Holy Spirit power of God moving, healing and setting that which is bound free.
That life might flow simply because God is in the midst of His people.

As seen throughout the Word, God is always in the midst of His people when gathered together as family.

Oh let us come, worship and adore Him for He is truly worthy of all praise!