Mens Ministry sounds pretty easy but is actually quite a difficult thing.

Men want to be men!

Most Men are pretty guarded, not  relying to much on others, especially when it comes to personal issues or struggles.

As Men we like to think we have the answers and are able to fix  problems that arise.

Having said that, God has made all sorts of men of various stature, stability, and with different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

It leads us to many questions when we look from the perspective of standing together.

So how do we engage one another as men?

How do we get  involved?

How do we encourage each other?

As Men how do we  be all God wants us to be?

What about commitment to one another and towards God?

Why is it the same men do everything?

How can we be the spiritual head of our home?

How do we empower the men?


As men we understand that we have a mandate to be Godly men, being examples to others in serving one another.

Our purpose is to encourage one another and link arms, have fun and develop Godly Character through relationship and resources.

Men like to be doing something engaging, so this our main thrust through relationship building. That includes all sorts of activities, food and Biblical teaching to empower Gods mighty Men.


Some favourite past times we do are


Clay target shooting

Go Carting




And generally anything that involves food always seems to be a favourite.

Would love to see you there.