In May 2005 an amazing family was sent out of the heritage of our Church to face the unknown in the land of Mozambique. If ever I have seen a family totally willing to surrender their lives to the call of God it is the Wilcox family.

Peter and Debbie-Lee, along with their eight children, (now nine), filled with excitement, faith and a knowing that Christ was leading, said their good-byes, with hugs and tears from all of us.

Since 2005, the Lord has continued to lead, pour out His provision, and show His favour upon their faith step taken to serve.  Basing themselves in Lichinga, Mozambique, it was not long after arriving that land was provided to them by the government, enabling them to erect multiple buildings.

Now, in 2013, the scope of ministry is limitless.  The family is able to run, on premises, a Bible School for the equipping of new believers, preachers and pastors.   The “Village of Joy” is established, a ministry taking orphaned girls off the streets to be grafted into a loving and nurturing Christian family environment.  Prison visits, hospital visits and evangelism into villages showing the Jesus video, results in many receiving Jesus as their Saviour and the power of God being released for healing and the miraculous.

Peter continues to provide pastoral care and oversight to new village churches.  Every member of the Wilcox family operates in their gifting and is such a witness to the faithfulness, leading and provision of the Lord.

The Mozambique people are hungry for the things of the Lord.  The need is great.  Meeting those needs requires funding and resources.  We, outside of the country, are an important part of the work the Wilcox family continues to do in Mozambique.  By supporting them that put their shoulder to plough in God’s harvest field, we too can become part of that ministry.

If you would like to partner with us in supporting this family in Mozambique, email us for more information.  Should you wish to contribute contact us on this site, please remember to reference ‘Mozambique’ to ensure emails are directed correctly.